South Africa

One Thursday afternoon, late July, I journeyed from Barbados to London, there was nothing special about that, as that is a journey I have done few times before in the last few years. For the next four days, I spent my time busily catching up with friends, sorting business matters and trying to contain the excitement of what was to be. On August 03, I again boarded another flight, this time, the destination was the Rainbow Nation. Having watch the entire world cup tournament, I was very pleased that South Africa had put on the show we had all hoped for, and now two weeks after the finals, I would be landing in Cape Town.

In the ten (10) hours it took to get from Gatwick, I allowed myself to feel excitement, as now what was just a dream before, was now a reality.  My first stop was Jo’burg airport , where I discovered that my connecting flight to Cape Town had actually been cancelled, and I was now scheduled for a flight three (3) hours away. As I sat there in the airport waiting, my mood now became one of disbelief. It felt like a dream, I was in South Africa, I wasn’t watching it on television, I wasn’t reading about it in a book, I wasn’t listening to someone else’s version. I was there.

I landed in Cape Town, and as I walked out of the airport, with the instructions in my head on what I needed to do, I made a decision, that I would not only embrace the culture of this journey, but the memories would last a lifetime.

When the shuttle pulled up at the accommodation, I knew I had made the right decision, and looking back at the entire journey, I conclude that those first decisions set the tone for the next few months.

As luck would have it, thirty minutes after my arrival, Tim (the owner of the hostel) decided we would go to see the sun set, with little time before the sun set. He packed us up in two cars and away we went. To say a South African sunset is beautiful, is an understatement, it was breath taking. It was especially pleasing to see the locals taking in the view from the top of the city as well. We got to know each other a bit and waited until the lights came on over the city. I was finding my footing. By the time, we got back it had now been twenty four hours since I was up, so I gracefully declined an invitation to see Cape Town at night and headed off to bed.


Table Mountain

Table Mountain

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