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I go hiking, but I am not a hiker, I am too lazy to ever be a real hiker, however, my love for scenic photography and fresh air takes me hiking. I am still scared from the last real hike I did 3 years ago in Chaing Rai, Thailand, in a nutshell I almost died, so I stay within my limitations these days.

As I mentioned before, the trip to Dominica was not meant to be an adventure, but its Dominica, and I wanted the views, so I did a little something. On the first afternoon, it did not start out as a hike, but a trip to Fort Shirley, I took a mild hike through Cabrits National Park, it confirmed to me what I already knew, I was not fit enough for a real trip to Dominica. I admit I cheated on this trip, I was driven to a lot of the spots, but I promise Dominica, I will be back to do your hiking trail justice. I will officially add the Boeri Lake on my list, which means I need to get fit.


Prince Rupert's Garrison

Prince Rupert’s Garrison

Dominica is a hikers’ paradise, the Waitukubuli trails consists of 14 sections of varying difficulty, and parts travel through a UNESCO World Heritage site. There is lots to see and enjoy on any section of the trail. A week pass for USD12.00 gets non-nationals unlimited visits into the most popular national parks on the island (about 12), and is well worth it. The roadways to some of the national parks is actually fairly good, once you can manage the winding roads, which makes it possible to visit some of the attractions with minimum trekking.


My advise would to be to set out early, Dominica’s weather behaves like the British weather sometimes, it goes from beautiful and sunny, to overcast and raining in a hurry. Obviously, Dominica attracts a heavier rain fall than most countries, and that needs to be factored in as well, but it does add to the character of the island. Saying that, by the time I got to the Fresh Water Lake one afternoon, it was cold (like 5 degrees winter cold), and there was fog and it was deserted.

Fresh Water Lake

Fresh Water Lake

Not being able to see much there, I stopped by Titou Gorge, as its on the way down, this waterfall I am told was featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean. (sn: I have never watched any, now that I will recognised some of the footage, I will rectify that). I didn’t actually go into the walls, I am less of a swimmer, than I am a hiker, but will add that to the list for “Dominica: The Replay”.

Titou Gorge

Titou Gorge

 Dominica – The Nature Isle

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