Trafalgar Falls – Dominica

I love waterfalls, (even though I don’t like cold water). There is something so surreal about the power of the water, and Dominica has its fair share of beautiful waterfalls. One of the most popular being Trafalgar falls, located less than 20 minutes away from Roseau, its accessible by car unlike some of the others which requires you to hike to them.

Trafalgar Falls "Mama" and "Papa"

Trafalgar Falls
“Mama” and “Papa”

A 5 min walk from the main building, will lead you to a platform . The water flows from a higher point in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park to form the double waterfalls known as Papa and Mama. Hurricanes and landslides over the years have changed the flow of water, mainly from the larger one Papa and it now flows sideways into the smaller fall Mama. The view is breathtaking and the sound of the gushing water is so relaxing.

Trafalgar Falls "Mama" in the background

Trafalgar Falls
“Mama” in the background


Once you have taken the mandatory photos on the platform, you can trek closer to the waterfall. You must becareful, as the rocks are super slippery and you must make certain that the river doesn’t rise, especially if its raining, and leave you stranded down the trail. You actually get to the hot water ponds first, but its best to visit the cold water ponds and then the hot. There are a few single ponds where you can enjoy the refreshing, COLD water. Once you have had enough, head over to the hot ponds. The hot ponds were my fave. I didn’t want to leave. It was like being in a natural hot tub that the water never goes cold.

Trafalgar Falls  Hot ponds

Trafalgar Falls
Hot ponds


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