Barbados – Things to do in Barbados – The Tourist Edition

Los Barbudos, also known as the Gem of the Caribbean is my island. It’s only fitting that I dedicate a blog post to this 166 sq miles of sheer beauty. Yes, I am going to bias. What do you do in Barbados? This post will highlight 5 fairly touristy activities, in another post I will give the local edition, but whether you are a visitor or local, you should take part in these activities.

1. Harrison’s Cave

Located in central Barbados, in the parish of St. Thomas, is a natural cave. This underground cave is home to some of the most beautiful stalagmites and stalactites in the world. The journey through the cave is usually done by tram, and as you drive through you can hear water flowing through the cave, forming in beautiful emerald pools.

Harrisons Cave 997 Harrisons Cave 1031

Harrison’s Cave underwent a major refurbishment in 2009, and now has a gigantic outside elevator. They also now do some scheduled walk in and night tours. The tour is very family friendly, under USD$ 50 for visitors, and USD $25 for locals with id. I paid a visit to the cave last year with my Trinidad family who were visiting, as I had not been in many years. It was just as beautiful as I remember, with some newer technology. You can walk the trails around the cave too, but they aren’t very long, but the gardens are lovely and well maintained.

Harrisons Cave 998 Harrisons Cave 1068

Check their website to book your tours, they are very busy on days when cruise liners dock here.

2. Atlantis Submarine

As the name states it is a submarine, which takes you to a depth of 130ft in the Caribbean sea to see the marine life. The tour also takes you to the site of a shipwreck, and if you are lucky you may also see a turtle or 2.


This summer I did this tour with a friend and some family, and it was beautiful. However, it was less beautiful than it was 10 years ago. It’s obvious pollution and indiscriminate dumping has affected the marine life. Another family friendly tour, children really enjoy this one, and the staff are really friendly. A little more pricey, a little under USD$100 for tourist, and USD$40 for locals. They also do night tours, those are more expensive.

Check their website they always have deals:

DSC_3241 DSC_3224

3. Horseback riding lessons

There are a few stables who do this activity for all ages and levels. Although this is not a unique experience to Barbados, it’s not everyday you can take a horseback riding lesson across the beach. Really good for persons who have no experience, and with the fresh breeze from the Atlantic Ocean, you can’t go wrong.

Better to do it in a group, as it’s more fun, plus you can probably get an 1 hour for about USD$25.


4. Catamaran Sailing

Island life. There is nothing more Caribbean, more island life, than relaxing on a pleasure boat on the calm, blue waters of the Caribbean. There are many options for this type of activity. You can hire a catamaran for a 4 hours private cruise for you and your friends, or you can go on one of the many day or sunset cruises. There is also a cruise where you get to swim with the turtles. It’s the Caribbean and it’s Barbados, so there will lots of sun, sand, music, food and rum. Most of them will stop at a beach spot for a bit of snorkelling and swimming. Prices vary from USD$50 to USD$125 for cruises, inclusive of food and drinks, and they usually pick up guest from their hotels.

DSCN2848[1] DSCN2839[1]

5. Beach

While a lot of us locals take the beach for granted, most of the tourist come to our shores for the sand and sea. (Don’t let us mention the other “s” that the international press like to add. I have travelled to other countries, namely Malaysia and Australia and have seen beaches that on sight, they could rival ours, but do not be mistaken, the water is not as warm as ours. In Barbados, we are spoilt for choices, you have some lovely ones on both the west coast, the east and the south coast.

DSCN2463 DSC_2729[1]

The more popular ones:

South Coast – Miami Beach, Browne’s Beach and Accra Beach

West Coast – Paynes Bay, Sandy Lane and Mullins

East Coast – Bottom Bay, Foul Bay and Crane Beach (this one is world-famous)

I wouldn’t recommend the east coast for swimming, as the tide is usually high this side of the island, but they are very picturesque.

DSC_2779[1] DSC_2739[1] Harrisons Cave 1285 Harrisons Cave 1256Barbados, sweet fa days.


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  1. beverley says:

    Had an awesome time in BIM; the Submarine tour and the Cave is a must when you visit the kids were in awe. And no matter where you are the beaches….. WOW is all I can say.

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